Our New Home

On Friday, we got the keys to our new home and moved all our of stuff from the hotel in!  The house is in a military only community about 5 minutes from post.  We're so close that Dave can ride his bike to/from work everyday, leaving the car at home for me.  So, we're surrounded by other military families and Emily has plenty of kids to play with.  There is a playground just a few houses away from our house which Emily has already spent every spare minute at!  She's made tons of new friends already! Yay!

Our neighborhood overlooks the German countryside.  I haven't taken any pictures of that yet... but I will soon!!

The house came furnished with the necessities until our household goods arrive.  Beds, dressers, table/chairs, couches, etc.  We were able to borrow from ACS (Army Community Service) pots and pans and the rest we purchased at the PX on post.

The house is SO HUGE compared to anything else I've ever lived in before as an adult.  It's three stories plus a basement... four levels of house!! Three bedrooms, 2 1/4 bath, kitchen, dining room, and the basement has a HUGE laundry room, and two other rooms (one's going to be Dave's "man cave" and the other storage.  There is a spiral staircase that connects all four levels together.

The master bedroom is on the top floor and is, unfortunately the smallest of the bedrooms.  But, being on the top floor it offers the most privacy and has it's own bathroom attached.  The closets are awesome.  Dave and I have our own separate closets which include shelving.  TONS of room for all our stuff.  It's awesome!

Emily is on the floor below us and she loves having her own bathroom.  Her room is pretty big and she'll have tons of room to play once all her toys get here.  We plan to repaint her desk and bed to match her new bedding.  She's really excited to have more of a "teenager" room than a little girl room.

The second bedroom on this floor will probably be used as the guest bedroom.  We plan to get a double or queen bed for in there so when we have guests (HINT HINT FAMILY), there will be plenty of room for them!

There are hardwood floors through out the house.  The bedrooms have carpet and the bathrooms and kitchen have linoleum.  Easy to upkeep, I hope!

The kitchen is SO HUGE in comparison to the last house we lived in.   LOTS of counter space.  I think this afternoon I'm going to buy a hand mixer so I can bake while Dave is gone training this month.  I love love love the space in the kitchen.  I can't wait to get my Kitchen Aid and really start baking again!!!

The windows in the house are pretty cool, the can either swing open like a door or crack open at the top.  On the outside of the house are roll up/down blinds that block out the sun.  Eventually, we'll get curtains for the inside for added privacy.  I heard today that there is a class at the craft shop on post that teaches you how to make the curtains that will fit the house.  I think I might look into that class.  :)

Our backyard is completely fenced, which is great.  We plan to get some patio furniture and a bbq.  Emily want's a trampoline.  We'll see about that one though.  lol We have to do all the lawn maintenance ourselves, but the Army will give us a lawn mower, rakes, etc for the duration of the deployment to keep here at our house to maintain our property.  Soon, I'll be able to plant flowers in the garden areas too, which will be nice.

We also have our own parking space as well as a detached garage with a storage shed.  Both are outside and have to walk a little ways to get to them... no biggie, unless it's raining.  lol Really, it's not too far though.  We'll probably park in the parking spot until winter then move the van into the garage.  I'm not trying to scrape ice every morning.  lol I've had to do that the last couple mornings and it sucks.  Reminds me of home. lol

So... here's a slideshow of the house.  I tried to take pics of all the different angles so you could get an idea of what we've got.  I'll take another set of pictures once all our things arrive at the end of April and we're more settled.


Michelle said...
March 22, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Love it!! That is a really nice home... once you get your personal items in it will be perfect!! I love the toilets... up off the floor... so much easier to clean around that way :)

Renee said...
March 22, 2011 at 7:08 PM

That is awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE the staircase and how open everything is! You are going to have so much fun decorating! (and no more shag carpet!!!) Glad you guys are settling in nicely. Take care and God Bless.

Kimberly said...
March 26, 2011 at 12:39 AM

Awhh I love your new home!!!

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