FRG Fundraiser

Yesterday was  a big day!  I participated in my first big FRG event!  I spent the entire morning and half the afternoon at Dave's company selling chili, nachos, frito pies, hot dogs, and baked yummies to the soldiers there.

I luckily have been able to make friends with Chrissy, the FRG Leader, and my neighbor so I was able to jump right and in help out.  We transformed the conference room into a lunch room!

Here's Chrissy before the sale began!

We had a ton of food set up... rows of crock pots filled with hot food and a giant table full of cookies, brownies, bread, pie, cupcakes and more!  We collected donations for 2 1/2 hours and made over $650 for the FRG!  These funds will go toward the company party before the unit deploys this summer!

I had a lot of fun being around these ladies.  It was really great to chat and get to know the women in an environment that was comfortable and familiar.  I wasn't the only new wife their either, so it was great to not feel singled out as being the only new lady there.  

I'm really looking forward to making friends with more of these women and spending more time with them before and during deployment. I have a feeling they are going to be what keeps me sane during that year Dave is gone! 


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