Emily's first day of school!

Well, I just dropped Emily off for her first day of her new school!  She is in Ms. Edwards' 5th grade class!  And... she even knew someone in the class before she started!  Yay for Emily!  It was cute, when she arrived, the class was buzzing about her being there....everyone was expecting her and was excited to see her!  The teacher had written, "Welcome, Emily" on the white board and everyone welcomed her with open arms.  She felt special and was really excited to be there! 

Here's her school's website if you're interested in reading about it! We're in walking distance from the school, so I'll probably drive her in the morning until it gets warmer, but she can walk home.  There are a couple of kids in her class that live in this neighborhood and they are going to show her the ropes on the way home today.  

Ms. Edwards seems really nice.  She's probably in her 50's with lots of experience under her belt, including a Masters in Special Education.  Which will be great in helping Emily with her math and social skills!  

I'm really excited to see what the rest of this school year will bring for Emily!  She's made lots of personal goals and promises to herself and Grandpa that she will be a success!! I know she can do it! 


Michelle said...
March 22, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Sounds like a great start! She is so beautiful and looks so happy.

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