A move to Grafenwöhr

Yesterday, Dave came to pick up Emily and I in the afternoon to head to post to get some things done to in-process us.  After we were done, we stopped at his work to talk to his Family Readiness Leader (the guy in charge of making sure we're all squared away) and mentioned that we didn't have a place to live after Saturday since our hotel was booked.  He got on his phone and started calling around.  Luckily, he found a hotel for us literally outside one of the main gates.   So, we hurried back to the hotel, packed up all our stuff (in record time) and moved from Pressath to Grafenwöhr.

Our new hotel is right off the main road here in Graf, next to a bakery and deli and just around the corner from several restaurants, a laundry mat, stores and shopping.   A lot more going on here than in Pressath.  Here in Graf they have military housing communities off post surrounding the base, so there are lots of English speaking people everywhere.

We are also within walking distance of one of the main gates to get on post.  Last night we walked from the PX to our hotel and it took about 45 minutes (we took the long way though).   Today, we plan to walk to the PX and hopefully it'll be a quicker walk.   I'm really actually looking forward to walking places and exploring the area.

Since we're so close now, we're going to invest in a bike for Dave to ride to work everyday.  The weather here is changing and there will be less rain and snow to deal with.  So riding a bike will work out perfectly.  Also, when our car gets here, it will free that up for me to use to get Emily to school and to do what I need to do during the day and not have to be stuck at home.

Speaking of home... we are on a housing waiting list for a house on post.  It should be 2-3 weeks at the most before we're able to get in.  The community we are wanting are 2-story duplex style houses with yards and a garage.  They are only about 3 years old too... which is awesome!  Our furniture won't get here until late April, so we'll have to borrow furniture from the Army.  I really can't wait to get into housing... the hotel isn't bad, but I'll be happy to have a larger space to really get settled into!

The landscape here is a lot like Washington.  Lots of green trees!  There are a lot more rolling hills and a lot of open space, unlike home.  I'll bring the camera with me today and take pictures of things here in Graf and the military post.  :)

I've got really bad jet lag, but it's getting a little better everyday.  Last night I got to sleep about 2am and woke up at 730 for breakfast.  It's almost 10am and am tired, but will try and stay awake all day to help get my body back on track.  It'll be nice when I can fall asleep at 11pm instead of 2am.  

Emily is doing ok.  She has her moments when she melts down and wants to come home, but that's usually when she's super tired or hungry.  I got her a new little stuffed animal at the PX yesterday which really has seemed to make her happy.  She's been holding on to it and playing with it nonstop since she got it.  She misses the comforts of home, but is holding in there.  Just like the rest of us.

I think that's all for now.  As more things happen or change, I'll write again!

I love you and miss you all.  Lots!! xoxoxo



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